Friday, January 25, 2013

Ready to Ship for 01/25/13!

Today's Ready to Ship buttons are posted!  Make sure to check them out!

I'm also going to start adding what doesn't sell to my online shop after the RTS sales.  You can still purchase them from the albums on Facebook after they're listed in my shop, but it will be another place to find them  :)
What stores do you guys prefer to purchase from online?   Are you loyal to Etsy, Storenvy, Artfire?  I've recently started a store on Zibbet, and I really love it!  Here is my Zibbet store!

Hope you are all gearing up for a great weekend!
Shelly :)


  1. I am interested to see how that Zibbet works out. I really like the look of that platform :)

    1. Me too! I really like how much easier it is for listing your items. I think Etsy is just a pain in how many hoops you have to jump through.