Friday, January 4, 2013

Trying something new!

Happy Friday everyone!!  Are we all ready for the weekend?  I know I am, I miss my hubby!  :)

How many of us get so wrapped up in our preferred craft that we forget to try new things?  I know I am guilty of this, I love to crochet, and when I got a hook in hand I sometimes forget all else.  Sometimes a motivational break is needed though, and what better to do than to try a new craft??  I decided to get some clay a few days ago, being inspired by seeing other people's cute buttons and such.  Last night I got it out to play, and who knew it would be so much FUN!?

Crochet isn't going anywhere, but this is fun to play with too!  I'll include a few pics of my first adventure with clay  ;)


  1. Double bonus - you can use the buttons you make on your crocheted items!

  2. Love love love!!!! Trying new things is always fun:)